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Our school is located in a private, but very convenient place  just outside Sorong, West Papua, Indonesia.

As we're a pretty small and private business the best way to contact us is through email. We're aiming to answer all the requests within a 24 hours frame and we would like to thank you in advance for your custom.

How to get here:

From Jakarta or Bali: Merpati, Express Air, Batavia Air, Sriwijaya Air and Lion/Wings operate daily flights from Jakarta to Sorong (with stopovers in Ujung Pandang/Makassar and/or Manado)

From Singapore: Silkair operates regular flights from Singapore to Manado. From Manado to Sorong regular flights are offered by Lion Air, Express Air and Merpati. It is easiest to check with a local Indonesian travel agent or directly with the airline for the lastest domestic flights available.

Visa requirements

All foreigners visiting Indonesia are required to have a visa. The cost and validity of the visa depends on your nationality. Generally, visas on arrival are issued for 30 days and are not extendable. You can also apply for a 60-day visa in advance from your home country. These are also not extendable. These visas generally take at least 5 working days to process and may have specific requirements, so apply well in advance.

Choosing us you'll have the unparalleled world class experience of diving and snorkeling in the superb Raja Ampat, which is all about amazing diversity of species and habitats. A myriad of dive sites and snorkelling locations can be found around Pulau Pef, with a large variety of habitats and experiences: lush colourful soft corals and gorgonians, hard coral gardens teeming with life, large schools of fish, superbly fishy reefs, caverns and overhangs, sea grass beds, pristine blue water mangroves, world war II wrecks, adrenalin filled drift dives, walls and slopes, giant Manta rays, wobbegong sharks, endemic walking sharks, macro critters, dolphins and whale sightings and pygmy seahorses as big as a grain of rice.

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